Ongoing payroll delays totally unacceptable

The INTO has been made aware of delays in the processing of incremental skips for post 2010 entrant teachers, by the payroll section of the Department of Education and Skills (DES).

The DES has informed us that they had prioritised the uploading of thousands of new teachers to the payroll system, before they focussed on processing the increment skips due to some teachers this month, as negotiated last year under the Public Service Stability AgreementThe DES is also processing payment at the personal rate of teachers who did substitute work while on career break and have waited several months to be paid appropriately.   

It is the right of every member to be paid at the rate set by the DES. Delays to pay, incremental progression and other technical failings are not acceptable and have eroded trust and confidence in the DES.

All incremental skips will be implemented from their due date, with arrears paid where required; the issue here is unacceptable delay.

INTO has raised this matter directly with the DES and demanded an immediate plan, including that additional resources be put in place to ensure that this unsatisfactory situation is resolved speedily. Members expecting to progress more than one point on their salary scale this month, will now only progress one point until such time as the skips are implemented by the DES payroll section.

INTO is resolute in our demand that all outstanding salary payments, arising from this delay, must be paid as soon as possible.