1 day to Budget 2020 – Make your voice heard!

Countdown to Budget 2020

There is just one day to go until Budget 2020 is announced. INTO is calling on all its members to make contact with their local politicians today to remind them how they can invest for the best in primary education in this year’s budget.

Complete the form below to email your constituency TD’s and ensure your voice is heard tomorrow, on October 8th

Reduce class size

Irish primary school classes are the largest in the Eurozone. Our schools have an average of 25 pupils per class, 5 above the EU average of 20. Smaller classes allow pupils to receive individual attention and supports the inclusion of all pupils. A planned reduction in class size, starting in 2020, is vital.

Support school leadership

School leaders are struggling with an ever-increasing administrative burden. We need one leadership and management day per week for teaching principals and a restoration of promoted posts.

Fund our schools

Many primary schools depend on voluntary contributions from parents to cover basic costs such as energy and insurance bills. Funding for our primary schools was cut by €30 during the recession. It is essential that school funding is fully restored to ensure our schools can cover their basic costs.

For further details of the INTO’s Budget campaign, see:  https://www.into.ie/campaign/budget-2020-invest-for-the-best/