Time for political leadership to end pay inequality

Pay equality is a cornerstone of a civilised state. In 2011 and 2012 Ireland failed spectacularly on that front. Despite years of negotiation, teachers who entered the profession between 2011 and 2014 remain unfairly paid and still face future losses to career earnings.

Last year, at our Congress in Galway, our delegates accepted in good faith a statement from government offering a new pathway towards resolution. For eight long months, we have sought an agreement on that pathway. While we remain optimistic that this can still be secured, it would be a disservice to our colleagues if we allowed this inequality to continue.

INTO must be provided with the opportunity to process our grievances so that our long-standing equality claims are settled before the end of this school year.

INTO General Secretary John Boyle said:

We urge government to show political leadership at this juncture. The government must acknowledge that the unfair treatment of new entrant teachers has to end. In the new year, INTO’s Central Executive Committee will take stock of where we are and decide on the most appropriate action necessary to end this injustice once and for all.