Survey on supporting pupils with special needs closes tomorrow

INTO encourages members to engage with The National Council for Special Education’s (NCSE) online survey ahead of tomorrow afternoon’s deadline.

NCSE was instructed by Minister McHugh to advise on how to best educate students who currently enrol in special schools and classes, with policy advice due to be presented by June. A progress report was published last November to coincide with the annual NCSE research conference. INTO made a submission to the NCSE at this stage of the consultation process and this can be accessed on our website.

Mindful of Ireland’s commitments under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the NCSE opted to extend their engagement with teachers, principals, parents, students, people with disabilities and other educational partners. They seek the views of all concerned on how we can move forward in the education of students currently being educated in special schools and classes.

While there are no concrete proposals for change at this juncture, members are encouraged to contribute to the current consultation phase (closing date tomorrow January 24th) at present by taking part in an online survey via the link below.

INTO will be making a further submission in relation to this matter over the coming weeks. Teachers are strongly urged to offer personal, professional judgement as these responses will be considered by NCSE when preparing advice for submission to the Minister by the end of June 2020