Staffing and redeployment update

The Department of Education and Skills has asked INTO to update schools in relation to a number of matters related to staffing and redeployment. We request all members, but particularly principal teachers, note the following and act on them to ensure that the staffing and redeployment process for schools for the 2020/21 school year is carried out effectively:

  • Staffing arrangements were published on the Department of Education and Skills website on 5th March 2020 (circular 18/2020) with an original return date for all forms of Friday 27th March 2020. In relation to redeployment panel forms, all schools affected were emailed on 13th March advising that the return date for Main Panel forms was extended to Friday 3rd April. We request that schools comply with this deadline.
  • All schools will receive the Staff Planning Form next week and the required return date for these forms is Wednesday 22nd April.

This closing date is to facilitate schools that may have to manage withdrawals of applications for career breaks/ job sharing up to 14th April (see relevant chapters of Circular 54/19).

In instances where schools have a late withdrawal of career breaks/ job sharing already notified and this effects the redeployment process or CID entitlements within the school, the Principal should contact Primary Teacher Allocations section with the details at

In consideration of the current challenges, schools have the option to email a scanned signed copy of the Main Panel forms and the Staff Planning Form to the following departmental address at A copy of the original should be retained in the school for future reference.