Return of staffing forms and documentation during the closure

The Department of Education and Skills has informed us that the date for return of forms and documentation related to the Staffing Circular (Main Panel Application Forms, CID forms, Staffing Appeals Applications) has been extended to 3 April 2020 (from 27 March).

INTO encourages principals and teachers to complete and return these forms by this date, to ensure minimum disruption to the redeployment process. The DES has informed us that in consideration of the current challenges, schools have the option to email a scanned signed copy of the Main Panel forms and the Staff Planning Form to the following Department address at  A copy of the original should be retained in the school for future reference.

Principals and teachers are reminded that the Main Panel Form must be returned even if the teacher due for redeployment intends to defer panel rights (e.g. to take a temporary job in your school) or to avail of the maternity exemption.

A Staff Planning Form was issued to schools by post for return on 24 April 2020. The DES has acknowledged that many principals will not have received this form in advance of the closure of school buildings on Monday, 30 March. The date for return of this form may be extended in line with any extension to school closures.