COVID-19 pandemic payment – substitute teachers

INTO has raised concerns about substitute teachers who may be unable to access paid work during the current pandemic. Following these representations, the Department of Education and Skills provided a clarification in this respect.

If a substitute teacher has been contracted either written or verbally to cover an absence during the school closure period, they will be paid for the period for which they are contracted – for example to cover maternity leave or parental leave.

What if I don’t have contracted work during the COVID-19 pandemic?

INTO has repeatedly raised this issue in our engagement with the Department of Education and Skills. They have now provided this clarification, via the Department of Employment Protection and Social Welfare.

Substitute members will be entitled to apply for the pandemic payment if they were in employment immediately before the schools closed.

If the teacher has evidence that they worked in March (e.g. payslip) then they are entitled to apply provided they are aged 65 or under and live in the Republic of Ireland (i.e. the standard conditions for qualification for the COVID payment).

Where an individual fulfils these criteria, they should apply for the Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment through 

INTO will continue to stand up for our substitute members as the crisis continues.