INTO engagement and public health advice key factors in any decision to re-open schools

In line with public health advice, the Department of Education and Skills announced that schools would remain closed until Tuesday, May 5, at least. Any decision to re-open our primary schools must be led by public health advice. Engagement with workers and their unions must take place in advance of any such decision. The health and safety of teachers, pupils and parents must be guaranteed before our schools re-open.

We should look closely at the small number of jurisdictions where some schools have opened and endeavour to avoid repeating any mistakes that may have been made elsewhere. Primary teachers are ready to resume facilitating the continuity of learning remotely from tomorrow.

INTO wishes our members well as they resume work after the Easter break. We will publish additional guidance for members on Monday, 20 April.

For up to date information on COVID19 and advice for members and schools, visit our support hub here.