NCSE confirms SNA applications can be submitted without documentation

INTO has requested that the NCSE provide an extension to the deadline of May 22 for the submission of exceptional review requests for additional SNAs for the coming school year. While the NCSE are reluctant to extend the date, citing concerns they may not be able to process all requests by June 30, they have confirmed that applications received after May 22 will still be processed.

The NCSE have also confirmed that documentation does not need to be submitted with requests for exceptional reviews. Such documentation can be supplied at a later date. Principals who made applications to SENOs earlier this year can ring their SENO to request a return of any documentation submitted. Documents will only be returned by registered post.

The DES issued Circular 36/2020 Recruitment of Special Needs Assistants – Supplementary Assignment Arrangements for the 2020/21 school year. This replaces and supersedes Circular 30/2019.