Further guidance published on July Provision

Throughout the current crisis, the INTO have set out the need for all decisions to be based on public health advice and open engagement with stakeholders. Clear and practical supports must be at the heart of plans for July Provision and indeed the reopening of our schools.

July Provision has always been an optional, voluntary endeavour for our members. Those signing up to support children with special educational needs and their families must be confident that they can participate in this important scheme in a safe manner, with thorough guidance available to school Boards of Management, principals and teachers who may choose to participate.

Engagement between the INTO and the Department of Education and Skills will continue in the coming days and we will be working with key stakeholders in the primary education space to ensure a joined up approach in supporting our members.

The INTO notes the issuing of some practical guidance to schools this morning and the confirmation that expert public health advice for summer provision will follow this week.

It is imperative that the department moves quickly to issue this advice to allay any concerns of schools, teachers and parents.

The Department of Education and Skills published the following: