Teaching Council registration updates

Lapsed memberships

The Teaching Council has informed the INTO that it has begun to issue 28-day notification letters to teachers whose registration renewal date passed before the end of March. If you have received one of these notices, or if you receive on in future weeks, and have not yet renewed your Teaching Council registration, please do so without delay.

Due to the unique circumstances in the last few months, the Teaching Council has not lapsed registration for any teachers in the past few months. However, failure to renew registration following the 28-day notice will lead to teachers being removed from the Teaching Council Register. Teachers should be aware that, if their Teaching Council membership lapses, they are not eligible to receive a State-funded salary and must reapply for registration. This may include vetting and re-submitting qualification documentation. Registrations are not back dated to cover periods of non-registration.

Registration with conditions or extensions

The Teaching Council has extended the time frame for all teachers with conditions expiring between March and September. Currently all the teachers involved are being communicated with and their records updated. In line with re-opening the country, teachers with conditions expiring in October 2020 have being asked to either forward evidence that they have completed their conditions or to request an extension to that time. Extension Request Forms (EXT-01 Forms) with supporting documentation can be submitted by email to conditions@teachingcouncil.ie

Registration of newly qualified teachers

The Teaching Council is currently working through the registration of newly qualified teachers and is processing these in sequence as higher education institutes transfer results of final exams. The Teaching Council has advised that newly qualified teachers waiting for their registration to be processed should write ‘pending’ on job applications where asked for a Teaching Council registration number.


Currently the usual re-vetting of teachers will remain on hold. This process will re-commence in the new school year and notifications will be issued to the relevant teachers 6 months in advance of their renewal dates. Teachers who are currently registered or previously registered with the Teaching Council may submit the required documentation including a scanned signed consent form by email.


Newly qualified teachers that have submitted their Form D should know that these are currently being processed. Guidance on Droichead for 2020/21 will issue at the start of the new school year.