National Committee elections – Update: December 1st candidate declaration deadline

The deadline for declaration of candidacy for election to the Central Executive Committee,  Education Committee, National Appeals Panel and Benefit Funds Committee (Divisions 1 & 2) is fast approaching.

Members should provide notice – in writing – of their intention to be a candidate for any of the above to the General Secretary no later than 5pm on December 1st.

Rule 40 of the INTO Rules and Constitution, which governs elections to national committees, states that a member may not be nominated for the above positions “unless that member has given notice in writing of intention to be a candidate to the General Secretary not later than 5pm on the first working day in December preceding, for publication by the General Secretary prior to the AGMs”.

A full list of members who have indicated their intention to be candidates in accordance with Rule 40 will be published in advance of branch nomination meetings in January 2021.

Current members of national committees who do not intend seeking re-election are requested to give ample notice to the branches in their respective districts.