Important change to illness benefit

With effect from 1 March 2021, teachers who pay Class A PRSI must claim Illness Benefit from the DEASP whenever they are absent on sick leave for more than three consecutive days, excluding Sundays.

They will make this claim using an IB1 and MED1 form, obtained from their GP. The teacher should ensure their bank details are correct on their IB1, as the benefit payment will issue directly to the individual who is sick, and Primary Payroll will adjust the teacher’s salary during their absence accordingly.

If a teacher is ineligible for Illness Benefit, or if it is being paid benefit at a reduced rate, they should notify payroll, and the salary adjustment will be corrected.

It is important that absences on sick leave are entered on the OLCS as they occur, so that deductions can be applied promptly, and overpayments are avoided.

A detailed note on these changes will issue in teachers’ payslips – principals or staff representatives may wish to display this note on the staff room noticeboard when schools reopen, for their colleagues’ attention.