INTO concerned by media reports re: potential changes to National Vaccination Programme

The INTO is extremely concerned by widespread media reports concerning potential changes to the Government’s National Vaccination Programme.

Such a change would abandon carefully considered priority groups who are working on the frontline. There has been zero consultation or notification of this drastic change which is certain to affect our members’ confidence about safety at work.

It is essential that teachers and all key workers should continue to be prioritised once vulnerable people and the elderly are vaccinated. INTO will be seeking an emergency meeting with the Department of Education to protest strongly against any downgrading of our profession on the vaccination list.

INTO General Secretary John Boyle said: For months now we have heard the government say, time after time, that education is the top priority for government. How then can teachers be treated with such blatant disregard as frontline education workers. This move undermines the efforts of our education staff to keep our primary and special schools open safely. This is unacceptable and the Government must prioritise the safety of teachers and all key workers once the vulnerable and elderly are first protected by vaccination.”