E-Mail your TD – Vaccine prioritisation

The INTO is extremely concerned about changes to the Government’s National Vaccination Programme announced yesterday.

These changes to the vaccination priority schedule abandon carefully considered key groups who are working on the frontline. There has been no consultation with this union or prior notification regarding this drastic change, which is certain to affect our members’ confidence about safety at work.

It is essential that teachers and all key workers should continue to be prioritised after vulnerable people and the elderly are vaccinated. The INTO is seeking an emergency meeting with the Department of Education to protest strongly against any downgrading of our profession on the vaccination list.

INTO is calling on members to email your TD today, using the form below. Each email sent will automatically be shared with the Minister for Education. We also encourage members to ask parents in your school to support our call by sending an email (there is a specific email option for parents).

We are calling on TDs and Government to ensure our profession is prioritised among the Category 9 group working in crowded settings in order to ensure priority vaccination for our members once the vulnerable/elderly are first protected.