Reminder – In-person Supplementary Programme

The in-person supplementary programme of provision will end on 30 April. Completed paperwork must be received by the Department of Education by Friday, 14 May. No forms will be accepted after this date.

Please ensure that the following documents are fully completed prior to sending to the Department. All documentation should be sent together, including:

  1. Grant Claim Form – all sections
  2. For children who qualified for the additional 10 hours of provision – extra timetable page (Part 3)
  3. Appendix 1 – Statutory Declaration.  Please note that the Statutory Declaration for teaching post is not sufficient for this programme.
    1. If you had a Statutory Declaration signed in 2020 for participation in summer provision 2020 – the declaration form signed in 2020 is valid until the end of 2021. If possible, a copy should be attached to the grant claim form.
    2. If this is your first time providing home tuition/support, you must attach a completed Statutory Declaration signed by a notary public/commissioner for oaths/peace commissioner or practicing solicitor. Please note that the Statutory Declaration must be signed by the relevant authority prior to the commencement of any tuition/support under the scheme
  1. Appendix 2 – form of undertaking – all forms must be signed by parent and teacher/SNA where required.
  2. Send to: Department of Education, In-Person Supplementary Programme, Special Education Section, Cornamaddy, Athlone, Co Westmeath N37 X659

For further information, visit the Primary information page for the In-Person Supplementary Programme at