Update: Main Panel List issues today

The Main Panel comes into operation today. The Department of Education has sent a list of permanent teachers available for redeployment to the panel operator in each diocese, or under each patron body. There are currently 187 surplus permanent/CID holding teachers on panels for redeployment. You can access the main panel summary, as of 17 May 2021, here.

The panel operators will circulate the list to principals of all the schools in their panel area who have a permanent vacancy arising in the 2021/22 school year. Principals must fill their permanent vacancies from this list.

The Department has also published an FAQ document on Redeployment Arrangements at Primary Level for Surplus Permanent and CID Holding Teachers through the Main Panel.

The INTO has created some short informational animations about the panel below. These videos explain what the main panel is, how and why you can defer panel rights and the process of making appointments from the panel.

The INTO encourages all schools with vacancies and teachers on the panel to engage fully with the panel process. Teachers on the panel should ensure that they complete a Panel Update Form and return it to the Primary Allocations Section of the Department when they have secured a job (or if they are deferring their panel rights) to ensure that their name is removed from the panel list in a timely manner.

What is the panel?

Applying to the panel/Deferring panel rights

Appointments from the main panel