Almost 900 CIDs awarded with a 175 further applications pending

Since January of this year the INTO has been advising and assisting members in relation to claiming a contract of indefinite duration (CID) under the provisions contained in the Department of Education Circular 0023/2015. Over the last few weeks, members have been notified of decisions in respect of these applications via their schools.

At the time of writing almost 900 CIDs have been granted with a 175 further applications awaiting a decision.

There is also the possibility that further CIDs will be granted to teachers in the coming weeks. We will encourage any other members who may have an entitlement to apply following clarity being received on supply panels and following the establishment of principals’ release day clusters. Members should continue to monitor our communications channels for further updates.

Members should note that any appeal of the refusal to grant a CID or with the terms of the contract of the CID (if awarded) must be made within four working weeks from the date of notification. The adjudication process is outlined in DES Circular 0030/2018. Members should continue to email any queries regarding CIDs including the adjudication process to