Pay equality – additional increment skip to be applied

The Department of Education (DE) has published Circular 0037/2021, which confirms the ongoing application of additional increment skips for post-2010 entrants to teaching, including the skipping of scale point 12 negotiated by the INTO under the Building Momentum Agreement 2021-2022.

Increment skips, which speed teachers’ progress up the pay scale, are an important measure secured in the campaign to restore pay equality.

The previous relevant Circulars (0021/2019 and 0033/2020) had set out how the previous skips were applied from 1 March 2019. This new Circular supersedes the previous Circulars. It sets out the method to be applied from 1 March 2021 to teachers who are due to move from points 3, 7 and 11 on their next increment date on or after 1 March 2021.

INTO was involved in detailed discussions with the DE about the application of increment skips and these discussions are now reflected in the new Circular.

Commenting on the circular, INTO General Secretary John Boyle said:

The skipping of point 12 of the pay scale is most welcome, as this measure results in the effective restoration of the length of the primary teachers’ pay scale to that of the pre-austerity era. Most importantly, it ensures that post-2010 entrants will have no future loss of earnings when compared with those who entered the profession before 2011. The measure will ensure that those who began teaching in 2011 and had to contend with pay inequality for the last decade will receive significant uplifts in short order and we are currently pressing the payroll section in the Department for a precise timetable on this front. It is fitting that the INTO pay tribute to every member who took the view that an injury to one was an injury to all and campaigned in solidarity with those affected to end the injustice of pay inequality.”    


The INTO has been advised that the majority of eligible teachers will have the adjustment (skipping of point 12), including the payment of arrears, in the next pay issue – payment date of 8 July, 2021.

All other eligible teachers will have the adjustment, including the payment of arrears, paid in the following pay issue – payment date of 22 July 2021.

The remaining cohort of teachers will avail of their skip on their next normal increment date if applicable.