Department publishes updated Covid-19 response plan

The Department of Education has this evening published an updated COVID-19 Response Plan for the safe and sustainable operation of Primary and Special Schools. The plan includes the following documents:

  • A template COVID-19 School Policy Statement
  • Return to Work Form
  • Lead Worker Representative
  • Risk Assessment
  • School Contact Tracing Log
  • Checklist for School Managers
  • Checklist for Managing a Suspected Case of COVID-19
  • Checklist for Lead Worker Representative
  • Checklist for Cleaning

In addition to the information included in the response plan, the Department of Education has also provided the following information to schools.

We will continue to impress upon the Department of Education the need for the continued provision of adequate funding, resources and supports for the implementation of the updated COVID-19 Response Plan.

INTO will update our Covid-19 support hub and provide further advice to members in the coming days.