INTO welcomes measures extending the Droichead process 

The INTO welcomes the temporary measures put in place by the Teaching Council providing additional pathways for NQTs to complete Droichead.

These measures come on foot of the additional 300 teachers secured by INTO for supply panels in recent weeks.

NQTs comprehended by these measures include those who are:

  • Teaching full-time on Supply Panels
  • Covering Principal Release days on a full-time basis, i.e. 5 days per week.
  • on job-sharing and long-term part-time contracts.

Applications for Droichead must be made via the MyRegistration portal on the Teaching Council website by 31 January 2022.

A reminder that teachers appointed to supply panel positions after 1 November, 2021 will be paid during July and August 2022.

Please note that the Department of Education is willing to process applications for new principals’ release day clusters, to which fixed-term teachers may be appointed covering the principals’ release days of five schools in a cluster.