DE publish Information Note 0002/2022

Following direction from the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, the Department of Education (DE) has published Information Note 0002/2022, which details important changes to Covid-19 Special Leave with Pay. The changes to the duration of Special Leave with Pay will apply to all public servants and will commence from 7 February 2022 onwards. This is the leave which was formerly recorded on OLCS as Covid Leave- Self Isolation or Diagnosis.

These changes will not affect members who commenced or will commence  Special Leave with Pay prior to 7 February, so the provisions as outlined in Circular 0042/2021 and Information Note 0001/2022 will still apply in these cases. Neither will these changes affect people whose leave is recorded as Covid Leave- Restricted Movement or Covid Leave- Very High Risk.

An updated Application Form –Appendix A -must be used when applying for Special Leave with Pay from 7 February onwards.

The DE has also published a number of scenarios at Appendix B to accompany the Information Note.

The INTO FAQs, Covid-19 and Schools, will be further updated in the coming days.

Due to the changing nature of the current situation, members are advised to check our website and social media platforms for updates on a regular basis.