Appeals Process for Special Education Teaching Allocations

NCSE Circular 01/22 was published on 25 April. This circular outlines the three mechanisms whereby schools can have their SET allocations reviewed.

  1. Appeal in Respect of 2022/23 Allocation.  Appeals should only be submitted in circumstances where a school considers the school profile was calculated incorrectly, using the data set out in Circular 20/2022 Special Education Teacher Allocations 2022/23. .  Appeals should be made using the NCSE Appeals Form 1 and submitted by Friday 20 May. It is envisaged that decisions on the appeals will issue to schools by 24th June.
  2. Rapidly Developing Schools  SET allocations for rapidly developing schools are outlined in Section 4 (b) of Staffing Circular 25/2022
  3. Exceptional Circumstances Review  Schools may seek a review of their allocations where an exceptional occurrence or event has happened, which has had a very significant effect on their school profile. Further details  of the review process can be found on

Further information on staffing for the 2022/2023 school year can be accessed here: