Reminder: 30 April is the final closing date for applications for Outstanding Qualification Allowances

The final closing date for receipt of eligible qualification allowance applications is 30 April 2022. This is as a result of the findings of the adjudicator under a claim brought to the Teachers’ Conciliation Council by the teacher unions.

Circular 0063/2021, which issued in late December last year, contains the details of who is eligible to apply and which qualifications attract an allowance.

Teachers who consider that they are entitled to a qualification allowance must make a claim for payment of the allowance before 30 April using the Application Form -Appendix 5 in the Circular available on

Generally, these would be teachers who completed or were completing a qualification that attracted an allowance after their initial teacher education course, and before 5 December 2011.

Applications are by post only and must be received by the Department by 30 April, 2022. Completed applications should be posted to: Teacher/SNA Terms & Conditions, Qualification Allowance, Department of Education, Cornamaddy, Athlone, Co Westmeath, N37 X659.

Members should note that any application for an additional allowance received after this date will not be processed under any circumstances as this is the final deadline for such applications.