Important dates regarding Staffing Circular and CIDs

INTO members are being reminded that 9 May 2020 is a key date for staffing arrangements in primary schools and are also advised that those eligible for a Contract of Indefinite Duration (CID) should apply as soon as possible.

The INTO recently hosted an online webinar for members on the topics of the Staffing Circular 0025/2022 and CIDs. See below. (Skip to 33 minutes for CID Presentation)

Key Dates

By Monday 9 May 2022, teachers and schools should:

  • Notify the relevant Panel Operator of any permanent or fixed term vacancy;
  • Return Main Redeployment Panel Application Form (Appendix E) for surplus permanent/CID holding teachers to the Department’s Primary Teacher Allocations Section;
  • Return Form SET cluster 2022/23 (Appendix D) to the Department’s Primary Teacher Allocations Section to notify new Special Education Teacher cluster arrangements;
  • Return CID Declaration Form 22 (Appendix G) in respect of all teachers awarded a CID in or before the 2021/22 school year and a Main Panel Application Form, if applicable, to the Department’s Primary Teacher Allocations Section;
  • Submit completed Staffing Appeals Form (Appendix F) for the May meeting of the Primary Staffing Appeals Board to the Department’s Primary Teacher Allocations Section; and
  • Submit applications for Principal Release Day clusters.

The Main Redeployment Panels will be published in early June for schools to appoint teachers from the panels to vacancies.

Applying for a CID

The application process for CIDs is currently underway following the issuing of the Staffing Circular.

Teachers who are eligible to be granted a CID for the 2022/23 school year should apply using Appendix H. While not subject to the above key date, the INTO strongly encourages members who are eligible to apply for CID without undue delay.

Information on the criteria for CID can be found in Circular 0023/2015 which may be read in conjunction the DE FAQ.

The Department has also issued Circular 0030/2018 which relates to the adjudication process for CIDs. The Circular outlines the appeal and adjudication process along with the procedures to be followed.

Please note, if you are refused a CID, you must make an appeal within four working weeks of the date you are notified of the decision to refuse a CID. Members may contact the INTO queryline to seek advice if refused a CID.


A pre-recorded webinar on this topic is available to members by clicking here.