INTO welcomes early lifting of career break restrictions for sub work, but clarity is needed on EAL/SET hours

The INTO welcomes the publication of Information Note 10/2022, which temporarily suspends the restriction normally placed on teachers on career break who wish to carry out substitute work. The early clarity this provides to schools at this stage of the school year is appreciated. 

However, in light of the difficulties with substitute recruitment in some areas – coupled with the provision of additional EAL hours to over 1,000 primary schools where children from Ukraine have been enrolled, and the recent granting of additional special education teaching hours – the INTO has been urging the Department of Education to introduce measures to increase the availability of substitute teachers and part-time teachers who could provide much-needed support to children from the Ukraine, including those with additional needs. 

Considering this and having made representations to the Department for several weeks, the union is concerned that Information Note 10/2022 has failed to provide any clarity as to whether teachers on career break can undertake EAL and SET hours for Ukrainian pupils. The INTO is calling on the Department to immediately clarify this particular matter.