Ratification of Review of Building Momentum clears the way for pay rises

The Public Service Committee (PSC) of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) met today to consider the aggregate results of recent ballots of trade union members. The PSC will now formally notify the Government and the Workplace Relations Commission that the pay deal has been accepted.

The Review of Building Momentum was endorsed by all unions affiliated to and associated with ICTU at this morning’s meeting.

The new agreement is worth 6.5% in addition to existing Building Momentum pay adjustments, with better increases for lower paid workers.

Engagement with DE payroll

The INTO has engaged with the Department of Education’s payroll section to urge timely payment to primary teachers of the:

  • Pay increase of 3% backdated to 2 February 2022
  • Pay increase of 1% backdated to 1 October 2022

We will update members on payment dates as soon as they are finalised via our regular communication channels on into.ie, our social media platforms and our all-member e-newsletter.

The agreement also contains two additional pay increases in 2023:

  • Pay increase of 2% from 1 March 2023
  • Pay increase of 1.5% or €750 (whichever is greater) from 1 October 2023

Support at a critical time 

Negotiations on a potential successor agreement from January 2024 onwards are expected to commence next year. In those negotiations, public service unions will be determined to secure further improvements to members’ pay terms beyond the lifetime of the current agreement.

All of the affiliated unions taking part in the ballot, including the INTO, voted in favour of the proposals at today’s PSC meeting. The voting strength of each union is determined by the number of members it has in the civil and public service, and the overall result is calculated through a weighted aggregate of the outcomes of all the union ballots.

ICTU President Kevin Callinan said the strong showing in favour of the pay deal reflects a recognition by workers that these pay measures will help to support people at a critical time. He said:

Unions do expect to be back in negotiations next year to secure pay terms beyond the lifetime of the current agreement, which will expire at the end of 2023, and unions will of course continue to closely monitor living costs and income pressures.”