Menopause awareness to feature at INTO Equality Conference

Today, on World Menopause Day, the INTO reflects on an issue which affects a large cohort of our membership, impacting on both professional and personal lives.

In recent years, the conversation around perimenopause and menopause has opened up in Ireland and as a union, we are committed to encouraging these conversations and removing any stigma that might still be attached to this topic.

Next February, the INTO Equality Conference will take place on February 3 and 4, with a focus on menopause.

The themes of the conference are fertility (male and female), pregnancy loss and support, and the menopause.

This conference will cover the three themes and will have workshops on issues such as leave entitlements, sustaining good health, menopause and the fertility journey. It will also have workshops on supporting colleagues through these challenges and journeys.

Members attending the conference will have the opportunity to engage in workshops run by the Menopause Hub, exploring ways to support colleagues in the workplace and increasing their own understanding of this area. The conference will also feature keynote addresses from practitioners in this area.

Anyone who would like to attend the conference should engage with their branch meeting in October, where delegates will be chosen.

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