New circular on standardised school year

Following consultation with the education partners, the Department of Education has issued circular 0072/2022 (PDF) which sets out how breaks in the school year (Christmas, Easter and mid-term) will operate, and general guidance around school year arrangements.

This circular provides for some flexibility outside of standardised breaks.

It does not require the first or final day of the school year to be standardised, but it is expected that the school year will normally commence during the week in which 1 September falls.

However, a school year may commence prior to the week in which 1 September falls, if it would otherwise not be practical to meet the requirement to open for a minimum of 182 days.

In these circumstances, the school should ensure that the commencement of the school year is as close as possible to 1 September.

This circular covers the three school years, 2023/24, 2024/25, and 2025/26.