INTO welcomes issuing of payslips electronically

A resolution from Congress 2022 called for the option for teachers to receive their payslips electronically or in a digital format. Since then, the INTO has regularly engaged with the Department of Education (DE) regarding the rollout of electronic payslips.

Today (April 26), members who registered in time to receive their payslips electronically received an e-payslip through the Digital Postbox. Salary payment will issue as normal into their accounts tomorrow.

Any member wishing to receive an e-payslip should register for a Digital Postbox and opt to receive their payslip electronically.

Members opting to receive an e-payslip through this facility will continue to receive both a printed payslip and the payslip electronically for a few weeks. Thereafter, they will only receive them electronically. The Digital Postbox facility allows members to create folders and to store their payslips.

General Secretary John Boyle said:

“The provision of electronic payslips has been a long-standing objective of the INTO, therefore this announcement is most welcome. The efficiencies and environmental benefits accruing are clear. Savings made from this initiative by the Department must be re-invested in the education system.”

For further information about how to register for and obtain a Digital Postbox, the following links may be of assistance.

The INTO Help and Advice page contains information about Understanding Your Payslip and E-Payslips. The page also contains a webinar held in in March 2022 with details on how to register for a payslip electronically. The page can be accessed here.