Changes to Covid-19 special leave with pay

Following updated HSE advice and a guidance document from the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, the Department of Education (DE) has today published Information Note TC/IN 0004/2023. The Information Note outlines a change in the duration for Covid-19 Special Leave with Pay. The change will apply to all school employees including teachers and will commence from 22 May onwards.

From this date, where an employee begins to display Covid-19 symptoms or tests positive for Covid-19, a maximum limit of 5 consecutive days Special Leave with Pay (includes weekends/school closures) in any one instance, will apply.

These changes will not affect members who commenced Special Leave with Pay prior to 22 May, so the provisions as outlined in DE Circular 38/2022 i.e., a maximum of seven consecutive days will still apply in these cases.

Members applying for Special Leave with Pay for Covid-19 must complete the application form at Appendix A in DE Circular 38/2022.

The INTO FAQs and Leave Estimator on Covid-19 Special Leave with Pay, will be updated in the coming days.