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News Archive 2016

Brexit: ICTU Urges Vote To Remain

BREXIT - ICTU Urges Vote To Remain

On Thursday 23 June 2016, people in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK will be voting in the EU Referendum.

It’s a big decision which has big implications.

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions is asking you to Vote Remain.


Because by Voting Remain, we believe you will be voting to protect workers’ rights, jobs and communities.

A vote to remain means protecting:

  • Paid maternity leave
  • Equal pay for the same job
  • Paid holidays
  • Funding for research
  • Peace funding for communities
  • Support for our farmers

What’s more, leaving the EU would damage the UK economy meaning less money for public services such as the NHS.

On 23 June Vote Remain. Find out more on

Northern Ireland Committee
Irish Congress of Trades Unions


Your Rights at Work Could Be Voted Out of Existence

Why Vote To Remain in the EU?

Maintain Workers' Rights and Thousands of Jobs


BREXIT - ICTU Briefing

On June 23 voters in Britain will decide whether to remain in the European Union, or to leave.

As an all-island body, a possible Brexit has clear implications for Congress, with the most direct impact being felt by members and affiliate unions in Northern Ireland. However, it is clear that no part of the island would be untouched.

Trade unions believe that Brexit could threaten jobs - north and south - damage living standards and see essential workers rights eroded. The Northern Ireland Committee (NIC) of Congress has already stated its opposition to Brexit and stated its intention to campaign for a remain vote.

Read the latest Congress briefing here.


BREXIT - Economic Implications for Northern Ireland

While Northern Ireland constitutes just under 3 percent of the total UK population, it is likely to be the region most affected by a UK exit from the EU.

For further information please download NERI Working Paper 'Economic Implications of BREXIT for Northern Ireland' by Paul MacFlynn, Nevin Economic Research Institute, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Date: Tuesday, 26 April 16