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InTouch June 2003

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Check the index below for a list of articles published in this issue.


National and International News
Benchmarking and Supervision Money; Staffing Appeals; BFC Role: Modernisation Talks; INTO/EBS Handwriting Competition 2003 Winners

Conditions of Employment
Sick Leave Entitlements; Sick Leave for Class A PRSI Contributors

Legal & Industrial Relations
Bullying in Schools

Communications, Principals & Social Inclusion
Release Time for Teaching Principals; Proposed North-South Summer School

Aiseanna Teagaisc na Gaeilge; Mentoring New Teachers

Race; Equality and School Planning

INTO Website and ICT
SMS News; School Building Row Escalates; Email, not Snail Mail

Central Executive Committee - Head Office News
Motions for ICTU; Assistant's Cause

Media Report
INTO Media Co-ordinators

School Leadership
Profiles in Leadership; Responding to the Leadership Challenge

Teacher to Teacher
Death by a Thousand Policies; Some End of Year Tales; Time to Reform the Irish Exam?; Scrúdú Cáilíochta - Review; INTO Separated Teachers' Support Group; The Irish Hedge School 1695-1931; Identifying Dyslexia