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InTouch December 2004

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Check the index below for a list of articles published in this issue.


National News
Interesting Trends from CSO; Estimates Show 9% Increase

Legal & Industrial Relations
Behaviour Policies in Schools; Appointment Procedures - Committee Established; Managing Challenging Behaviour

Conditions of Employment
Maternity Protection (Amendment Act 2004); Early Retirement Scheme; AVC Handling Charge Dropped; Career Break/Job Share Dates; Teacher Exchange

Communications, Principals and Social Inclusion
Survey Results Published; NEPS Review; Serious Literacy Difficulties in Disadvantaged Schools

Early Years Teaching; Language in the Primary School; SPHE; New OECD Report on Teachers; Important Notice for Job Sharers

The Childcare Dilemma; Equality Act 2004

Media Report
Class Size on the Airwaves

INTO Website and ICT
Net Visionary Awards; Mailing List for Trade Union Issues; 46 Innovative Teachers Recognised at TeachNet Awards; Sligo Schools Publish Book of Poems

Central Executive Committee - Head Office News
Election Notices; Training Notices; Donegal/Leitrim; Changing Places

Music in Milford; Coláiste Mhuire Marino SCG Database

National News
At the Presidential Inauguration 2004; Imagining the Future School; Oliver for Teachers' Musical Society; Froebel Fields Fifteen

INTO Education Conference
Education Conference on Wide Agenda; General Secretary Speaks on Assessment; Mathematics in the Primary School; Intercultural Paper Highlights Changing Ireland; Concerns for Learning Support; School Evaluation Paper Raises Many Issues; Whole School Evaluation Outlined

Teacher to Teacher
A Rationale for PE; Using the Media as a Teaching Tool; "We are the World" - SESE and Infant Education

Central Executive Committee - Head Office News
Art Exhibition in Head Office