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Your Child in the Primary School – Tips for Parents


Do Leanbhsa sa Bhunscoil – Nodanna do Thuismitheoirí


Su Hijo en la Escuela Primaria – Consejos para los Padres


Votre Enfant à l'école Primaire – Conseils pour les Parents


Teaching In The 21st Century


Irish Teachers' Journal Vol. V


Primary School Curriculum: Have your say. Discussion Document and Proceedings of the Consultative Conference on Education, 2015


New Members' Booklet, August 2017


Rebuilding Special Education Proceedings of the Consultative Conference on Special Education 2015, 7 March 2015


Quality in Education: Accountability & Responsibility, 2014


Your Child in the Primary School - Tips for Parents [Irish version] [Spanish version] [French version]

2017 School Placement, Experiences, Challenges and Possibilities
2017 School Placement: Roles and Relationships - Challenges and Opportunities
2017 Irish Teachers' Journal Vol. IV


New Members' Booklet
2016 Numeracy in the Primary School
2015 Irish Teachers' Journal Vol. III
2015 Review of DEIS: Poverty and Social Inclusion in Education
2015 Workload, Stress and Resilience in Primary Teachers
2015 Wellbeing in the classroom
2015 Preventing Homophobic and  Transphobic Bullying [Irish version]
2014 Irish Teachers' Journal Vol. II
2014 Literacy in a Changing World
2014 Looking Out for Each Other Flyer
2013 Irish Teachers' Journal Vol. I
2010 Creativity and Arts in the Primary School

INTO Consultative Conference on Education 2010 - Learning Communities Discussion Document


Assessment in the Primary School

2009 Whole School Evaluation
2009 Transitions in the Primary School
2009 INTO Rules and Constitution, revised 2015 (INTO members only)
2008 The Primary School Curriculum 
2008 INTO Consultative Conference on Education 2007
  - Approaches to Teaching and Learning
  - Physical Education in the Primary School
  - School Governance
2007 Teacher Education - The Continuum 2006
2006 Taking Part
2006 SPHE in the Primary School
2005 Leading Early Years Education
2005 Maths in the Primary School
2005 Intercultural Education in the Primary School
2005 School Evaluation
2005 Newcomer Children in the Primary School
2005 Towards Positive Behaviour in the Primary School
2005 Challenges of Learning

 2004 Language in the Primary School
 2004 Managing Challenging Behaviour
 2004 Tackle Disadvantage Now!
 2004 The Inclusive School
 2004 Change in Primary Education, Challenges for Teachers
 2004 The Teaching Council Act 2001 Q&A Guide
 2004 Gender Imbalance in Primary Teaching
 2004 Teaching Religion in the Primary School
 2003 Supporting Special Education in the Mainstream School
 2003 Teaching in Multi-Class
 2003 Employment Equality Act 1998 / Equal Status Act 2000 Q&A Guide
 2003 New Challenges for Special Schools and Classes
 2002 ASD - Educational Provision for Pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorder
 2002 Discipline in the Primary School
 2001 Literacy in the Primary School
 2001 Education Act 1998 / Education Welfare Act 2000 Q&A Guide
 2001 INTO Intercultural Guidelines
 2001 Let the Children Speak
 2000 Staff Relations - Report on Adult Bullying in Schools
 2000 Early Years Learning
 2000 Education: Future Challenges
 2000 Inclusion
 2000 When Tragedy Strikes
 2000 Working Together

 1999 Special Education and Information Technology
 1999 Challenging Times
 1999 An Approach to School Review (Hard Copy Only)
 1999 Leadership Opportunities for Teachers
 1998 A Perspective on Early Childhood Education
 1998 The Challenge of Diversity
 1998 Catherine Mahon - The First Woman INTO President
 1997 Curriculum Change
 1997 Parental Involvement - Possibilities for Partnership
 1997 Teaching and Learning - Issues in Assessment
 1996 Effective School Organisation
 1996 Primary School Curriculum
 1996 Providing Education for Pupils with Severe and Profound Handicap
 1996 The INTO and the 1946 Teachers' Strike
 1996 Guidance for Teachers - Professional Response to Changing Times
 1996 Proceedings of the National Principals' Forum 1996
 1996 Information Technology in Irish Primary Education
 1995 Early Childhood Education - Issues and Concerns
 1995 Proceedings of the National Principals' Forum 1995
 1995 Meeting the Needs of Children with Social and Emotional Problems
 1995 Promoting School Attendance
 1995 Educating Teachers - Reform & Renewal
 1995 Youthful Offending
 1995 Enhancing Self Esteem

 1994 Poverty and Educational Disadvantage - Breaking the Cycle
 1994 A Career in Teaching
 1994 A Teaching Council
 1994 Remedial Education - A Review
 1993 Accommodating Difference - The Integration of Children with Disabilities
 1993 INTO Guidelines for Compiling a Safety Statement
 1993 School Planning (reprinted 1997)
 1993 Among School Children
 1993 The Professional Development of Teachers - Issues in Inservice Education
 1993 Fair Play for Boys and Girls - Sport in National Schools
 1993 Working Towards a Gender Balance in Textbooks
 1993 Discipline in the Primary School
 1992 Education for a Changing World
 1992 Travellers in Education
 1992 Professionalism in the 1990s
 1992 Primary Science Education in Ireland
 1992 Social and Environmental Studies
 1992 Health Education in the Primary School
 1991 A Decade of Progress
 1991 Role of the Principal Teacher
 1991 English in the Curriculum
 1991 Foreign Language Teaching in Primary Schools
 1991 Into the Future - Participation and Change
 1991 The Place of Religious Education in the National School System
 1990 Preservice Education
 1990 Mathematics in the Primary School

 1989 Will You Apply for a Principalship?
 1989 Assessment
 1989 The Arts in Education
 1989 Fair Play for Girls & Boys in Primary Schools
 1989 School Texts
 1988 Primary Curriculum & Related Matters
 1986 Computers in Primary Education
 1986 Issues in Infant Education in Irish Primary Schools
 1986 Assessment in the Primary School
 1985 The Position of Irish in the Colleges of Education
 1985 The INTO and the Irish Language
 1985 Cumann MuinteoirĂ­ Eireann agus an Ghaeilge
 1984 Age of Entry
 1984 Educational Disadvantage
 1984 Co-operative Teaching in Shared Area Classrooms
 1983 Early Childhood Education
 1982 Developments in Early Childhood Education
 1981 Education for the Physically Handicapped
 1980 A Proposal for Growth - The Administration of National Schools
 1980 Marriage Ban Leaflet
 1980 Inservice Education and Training of Teachers
 1979 The Educational Needs of Disadvantaged Children
 1974 Primary School Curriculum Survey
 1968 A History of the INTO 1868 - 1968. A 100 Years of Progress
 1957 INTO and the Ballina Case
 1956 A Short Biographical Study of Vere Foster
 1948 80 Years of Progress
 1947 A Plan for Education
 1942 The Killean Dismissal
 1941 The Use of Irish as a Teaching Medium

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