Budget 2024 – Add your voice today!

Add your voice to our Budget 2024 campaign which seeks to build a brighter future for every child.

Time is running out. It’s high time we take action to address the shortfalls in our education system. With 237,000 children living in poverty, 68,000 stuck on waiting lists for vital services and over 3,500 homeless, we can no longer turn a blind eye to this damning state of affairs. That’s why our focus for Budget 2024 is on their wellbeing and education. It’s clear that our children deserve better.

We’re calling for class sizes to be reduced by two pupils; the full restoration of 2,400 school posts of responsibility; increased funding for schools and enhanced mental-health supports. These essential steps will guarantee that every child has access to a primary education system that caters to their individual needs.

Find out more about our key budgetary priorities at the bottom of this page, then click below to share our asks with your local TD.

Budget 2024