Vote YES – Building Momentum 2021-2022


Ahead of the forthcoming ballot of members on a new public sector pay deal, the INTO has published an informational Eolas setting out the key changes in the proposed agreement. The Eolas includes revised pay and allowance terms under the proposals and examples of the effect of these on earnings.

The CEC has taken the decision to recommend members vote YES to accept this agreement.

The Eolas provided below sets out important information on both the proposed agreement and the ballot of members. Members are encouraged to read the document in full, attend branch meetings and online events to be publicised by the INTO to ask any questions you might have and keep an eye on emails, the INTO website and social media, where we will seek to respond to members questions.

Key points set out in the Eolas include:

  • The agreement delivers a minimum salary increase of 2% or €1,000, whichever is greater during the agreement.
  • Pay equality for all cohorts with a third increment skip securing equality with the pre-2011 graduate entrant and ensuring no future losses.
  • Payment of a long-delayed award to all principals and deputy principals through a ‘sectoral bargaining’ fund.
  • All allowances increased by 2% during the agreement.

Ballot Instructions

The upcoming INTO ballot Building Momentum: A New Public Sector Agreement 2021-2022 will be held online. The ballot will be open from Wednesday, 3 February to Tuesday, 9 February 2021 (inclusive). 

Members will receive their online vote via an email with a unique link sent on the INTO’s behalf by Civica Election Services on Wednesday, 3 February.

Vote site closes 23.59 on Tuesday, 9 February.

Please check your junk or spam email folder for the email. If not received contact with your payroll number and email address and confirmation that the vote link was not received.

Your questions answered (mini videos)

Will retired principals and deputy principals benefit from the payment of the benchmarking award?
Some teachers have a masters or PhD. Does the INTO envision the allowances for those ever being paid?
Some say this isn’t pay equality as, while there won’t be losses going forward, some teachers have already incurred losses. Will the INTO look for arrears for those teachers?
Is this not just a first offer? If we reject it, surely the government will come up with something better …
What will happen to the money left over in the sectoral bargaining fund when principals and deputy principals have received their pay award?
Will retired principals and deputy principals benefit from the payment of the benchmarking award?
What happens if we reject this deal? Are there any repercussions? Will we get the changes anyway?
Will this agreement result in a lot more work for teachers and principals?
The ASTI and TUI have encouraged their members to vote no on this agreement. Are they seeing something that the INTO is not?
Teachers who started since 2013 are still on a career average pension? What does the INTO plan to do to address that?