General Election 2019: The Future of Education

The future of Education can play a significant part in the decision making of voters in the forthcoming General Election. The INTO, UTU and NEU believe it is time to cut through the political stasis and party divisions on Education and start listening to those who know – teachers and education staff working in schools. As such, Education needs to be well resourced, with fully qualified teachers, appropriately paid and supported to deliver life changing learning to our young people.

We urge everyone, parents, grandparents, anyone with an interest in Education or the future of this community to join with INTO, UTU and NEU in sending a clear message to all political parties; each child matters and each vote counts.

Here are some questions to ask prospective candidates and political representatives as they campaign for

  • How will you stand up for a properly resourced Education system, which is vital for the future of our children and our economy?
  • On the foot of Treasury policy, what are you doing about education provision which has been subjected to savage cuts as a consequence of decisions of the Department of Education?  Teaching jobs and non-teaching jobs are at risk. Class sizes are increasing. The pressures of cuts are evident in every single classroom.
  • How will you stand up for Education workers and ensure that their unacceptable workload is addressed, and their eroded pay and pension rights are restored to levels that reflect their professionalism and commitment?
  • How will you ensure that there are enough teachers and non-teaching staff employed in schools?
  • What will you and your party do to ensure the Education of children is fully funded going forward?
  • The Special Education Needs and Inclusion Policy has been unresolved for many years. This in part is due to the lack of funding. Early intervention and resources are needed in this area. What will you do to ensure that EXTRA funding is injected into SEN now?
  • A pay freeze followed by a 1% pay increase in 2016-2017 has meant in real terms teachers and other educational workers have had a seventh pay cut in a decade. What will you and your party do to ensure that the public service workers across all sectors have a fair pay award to correct this?
  • What are you doing to prevent the damage of educational prospects of children?

You can make a difference – make sure your voice and that of your children is heard – support the campaign to invest in our childrens’ Education


Download the INTO-NEU-UTU General Election Poster (PDF) here