Correspondence from the CMO enclosing Updated Advice from the PHA

The Chief Medical Officer, Professor Sr Michael McBride has written to parents, pupils and the school community in his letter of 9 September 2021 (pdf) in relation to the revised arrangements for the identification of close contacts in schools.

[NB: Update from DE: Please note in Prof McBride’s letter, under the paragraph Return of Schools in NI on page 3, it should read:

‘Since schools returned for the 2021/22 school year the high community prevalence of COVID has led to large numbers of COVID cases being reported to schools, with very large numbers of children being identified as school close contacts. This has caused disruption in schools and large numbers of children missing school.’]

Updated PHA Guidance (pdf) for schools and a warn and inform letter (pdf) that schools may issue at their discretion if they become aware of a positive case in a cohort of pupils were included.