DE Webinars for School Leaders

As notified by the Department of Education on Friday 17th September a series of webinars are being held for school principals on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd of September to further clarify the current arrangements for contact tracing in schools.  The webinar will have input from the Minister of Education, the Chief Medical Officer and Deputy Chief Medical Officer, the Chief Executives of EA and CCMS and PHA Consultants.

When participating in the webinar we would remind you that bandwidth may be limited in your organisation if there are multiple users simultaneously accessing external services.  This may result in you having difficulties connecting. To protect your connectivity, we will ensure that all cameras and microphones are off, however, chat functions will remain available.  We would also suggest you consider connecting via a cable connection rather than Wi-Fi if connectivity has been an issue for you in previous webinars.  If you experience connection problems or if you are unable to attend the session it will be recorded and made available on the C2K system after the webinar has finished.

The links to the webinar session are:

Tues 21st September at 1:45pm

Tues 21st September at 3:00pm

Wed 22nd September at 1:45pm