Rule 77B – Members on Unpaid leave or Career Break – Updated Guidance

Members can avail of the following categories of unpaid leave.
  • Statutory unpaid leave (maternity, parental, carers’ leave)
  • Unpaid sick leave including Temporary Rehabilitation Rate (TRR)
  • Career Breaks.

When a member is on unpaid leave, their subscription is not deducted from salary. When a member does not pay subscription for three months, their membership lapses unless they notify Head Office that they are on unpaid leave. Currently, some members who are on career break pay an annual membership fee of €30 or subscription intermittently through doing substitute work.

New Rule (effective from Congress 2024):

At Annual Congress 2024 Rule 77 B was amended to grant CEC the discretion to determine the benefits and facilities for members on leave withoutpay. See updated rule below:

Rule 77 B: Teachers on Leave without Pay including Career Breaks

“Members on leave without pay, including extended sick leave and extended maternity leave as well as members on career breaks, may join a special category of INTO membership by registering their name and home address with Head Office. They shall pay a subscription at a rate to be determined by the CEC. They shall be entitled to benefits and facilities as determined from time to time by the CEC”.

CEC decision

At the May 2024 CEC meeting the benefits and entitlements of members on unpaid leave were reviewed and the following was agreed, applied with immediate effect. Members who are on unpaid leave for three months or longer  or on career break should continue to notify Head Office that they are on unpaid leave or career break.

Branch and District Officers should note particularly the section below relating to ‘Holding office/ standing for election / delegates to INTO Congress & Conferences’ and ensure that the membership of officers/ delegates and candidates for election is in order.  Existing officers and members representing districts at national level who are on unpaid leave in excess of three months may serve the remainder of their term but should be replaced at the next election. Any queries in relation to this matter will be dealt with by the Deputy General Secretary.

Career break membership annual fee:

The CEC decided to remove the annual fee of €30.00 for Career Break membership from 2024/25 to encourage members to notify INTO when they are taking a career break and so remain in membership rather than lapsing. This will enable members to continue to avail of the salary protection scheme (subject to Cornmarket’s terms and conditions, which include notifying them of unpaid leave/ career breaks).

Members on unpaid leave  should contact or with their name, payroll number and school roll number/date of birth to notify INTO that they are going on career break or unpaid leave.