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Conditions of Service
Collective Agreement, Data Protection, Flexible Working Scheme, Job Sharing Scheme, Part-Time Teachers, School Reorganisation Allowance, Supporting Effective Teaching in Schools, Teacher Attendance Procedure, Temporary Variation of Contract, Working Time and Professional Duties, Workload Agreement, Workload Agreement: INTO Guide, Workload Agreement: INTO Poster, Workload & Industrial Action Survey (Oct 2016)

Leadership Group
Principals'/Deputy Principals Group, Leadership Group Pay Guidance, Supporting Effective Leadership, Efficient Discharge Scheme, INTO Responses

Leave of Absence Northern Ireland
Absence Due to Illness, Brief Absences, Career Breaks, Maternity/Paternity/Adoptive Leave, Time Off For Family and Domestic Reasons, Parental Leave Scheme

LGBT Teachers
Good Practice Guidelines, Bulletins, Press Releases, Events, Useful Links

Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs)
Support for NQTs, NQTs Latest News, NQT Publications, NQT Events, Teaching in the Republic of Ireland, Catholic Teaching Certificate, GTC(NI) Registration, NISTR Registration

Pension and Retirement
Pension & Lump sum Calculator, Changes to the NITPS: 1 April 2015, Planning Your Retirement, State Pension Contributions, Transfer of Pension, Pensions Bill Update: Jan 2014, Response to Proposed Public Sector Pension Reforms, Response to Proposed Pension Contribution Increases, INTO Pensions Campaign 2011, Application For Retirement Benefits (TP4), Application For Ill-Health Retirement Pension (TP5)

How To Calculate Redundancy Payments, Procedures and Guidelines, Revised Redundancy Procedure: Dec 2013, School Redundancies 2015-16