INTO Retirement Planning Seminars

INTO Retirement Planning Seminars are delivered by a team of experts and are specifically tailored for primary teachers who are contemplating retirement. We advise that if you are considering retirement, that you attend a seminar at least a year prior to your proposed retirement date.

Topics covered

Our Seminars are designed to be informative, enjoyable and engaging. The programme includes topics under the following headings:

  • INTO Guide to Pensions
  • Introduction to the Retired Teachers’ Association
  • Income Tax
  • Wills & Inheritance
  • Preparing Psychologically for Retirement
  • Enjoying a healthy lifestyle
  • AVCs and making the most of your investments

Register now

Registration is now open for the February and March Seminars.

Register – Crowne Plaza, Santry – 28/29 February 2020

Register – Crowne Plaza, Santry – 20/21 March 2020


Important notice:

There would appear to be a problem registering from School Computers as the software on school computers does not facilitate the entire registration process.  Therefore, we would advise that you would register from either your Mobile Phone, Home PC or Tablet to ensure that your registration is completed successfully.

Further Information

Find out more about pensions

Find out more about pensions

Read INTO's guide to pensions, use the pension calculator and more.