Retirement Planning Seminars

Retirement brings change. Taking the time to consider the changes and how to handle them will help you plan and take control of your future. The INTO endeavours to assist our members in understanding what to expect from retirement and in helping with the preparation required.

Retirement Planning Seminar – 27-28 May 2022

A retirement planning webinar will take place on Friday 27 – Saturday 28 May 2022. Registration for this webinar is now open.

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Retirement Planning Webinar Recording (January 2022) 

INTO Retirement Planning Webinar (May 2021) – Recordings

The INTO Retirement Planning Webinar was delivered by our team of experts and is specifically tailored for primary teachers who are contemplating retirement.

The programme for our Webinar included topics under the following headings :

  • INTO Guide to Pensions
  • Introduction to the Retired Teachers’ Association
  • Tax
  • Psychological Changes in Retirement
  • AVCs and Making The Most of Your Investments
  • Enjoying A Healthy Lifestyle

The recordings are now available for you to access below…

Pensions & Retirement: David O’Sullivan, Assistant General Secretary, Conditions of Employment
Supplementary Pensions – Class A PRSI contributors: John O’Brien, Senior Official, Conditions of Employment
Retired Teachers’ Association of Ireland: Billy Sheehan
Handling the Lifestyle Change
AVCs and Investments
Eating for Health


INTO Retirement Planning Seminars – Postponed

Retirement Planning Seminars, open to teachers approaching retirement and their partners, are organised each year by the INTO.

The programme includes:

  • A Healthy Lifestyle
  • Social Welfare Entitlements
  • Superannuation
  • Making the Most of Your Investments
  • Income Tax
  • Wills & Inheritance Tax
  • Retired Teachers’ Association
  • Budgeting for Retirement
  • Handling the Lifestyle Change

The seminars are run over one and half days, i.e. Friday and half day Saturday. The Department of Education and Skills allows teachers to absent themselves from school on the Friday in order to attend the seminar. Prior approval of the board of management is required.

Details and application forms are published in InTouch magazine on a regular basis.

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