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Reports & Resources

A More Integrated and Effective Delivery of School-Based Educational Inclusion Measures (doc, 1,754 kb)
Educational Disadvantage Committee Submission (December 2003)
Tackle Disadvantage Now! (pdf, 48 kb)
INTO Policy Document (2004)
Traveller Education (pdf, 87 kb)
INTO Policies and Proposals Updated (2004)
Report on Value for Money in Education (pdf, 499 kb)
Educational Disadvantage Initiatives in the Primary Sector (June 2006)
Report and Recommendations for a Traveller Education Strategy (pdf, 538 kb)
Published November 2006

DEIS Evaluation Reports 2012

In January 2012 two reports were published in relation to the evaluation of DEIS. The first was prepared by the DES Inspectorate and the second by the Educational Research Centre (ERC) - both full reports and a summary of the report prepared by the ERC can be accessed below.

1)   An Evaluation of Planning Processes in DEIS Primary Schools (Inspectorate Evaluation Studies)

2)   A Report on the First Phase of the Evaluation of DEIS (Educational Research Centre)

3)   A Report on the First Phase of the Evaluation of DEIS - Summary Report (ERC)