Stand up for primary and special education in Budget 2023

As Ireland emerges from COVID-19, the inadequacy of our primary education system, which was masked by pandemic crisis measures, is again clear for all to see.

Our classes are oversized, our school leaders are under-supported, mental health services for pupils are under-resourced, and our schools are under-funded.

All this is in the context of the Chief Inspector of Schools report published this year which found that, COVID-19 has negatively impacted our children’s learning and “will have medium and long-term consequences for the development of the education system.”

Many parts of the primary education system need to be developed. Investment is key.

The INTO has identified four particular areas that must be addressed as a priority.

Read our pre-Budget submission here.

You can also raise your own voice in support of our campaign by using the facility below to email your local representative outlining why Investment is Key for Budget 2023.

Four key asks