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Non-Cooperation With ETI

INTO Directive: Withdrawal of Cooperation with ETI

The ballot of INTO members in December 2016 delivered a resounding mandate that INTO members are no longer prepared to see their contribution to the children and young people in their care, and the education system as a whole, undervalued by Management Side.

THERERFORE with effect from 6 January 2017 onwards, until they are advised otherwise, ALL INTO MEMBERS ARE DIRECTED to:

  • Withdraw their co-operation from The Education and Training Inspectorate.
  • Members are directed not to participate or co-operate in any manner with any scheduled inspections, survey or other form of assessment conducted by the ETI. In addition this action will include non-co-operation with school inspectors who visit the school for any purpose.
  • Members are instructed not to provide any cumulative or summative data, or documentation of any kind to the ETI during this action.
2017-18: Bulletin 5 (pdf, 458 kb)
Ongoing Non-Cooperation With ETI: Driving Minibuses-Advice for Members
INTO Directive: Withdrawal from Co-operation from ETI: Advice to Members (pdf, 91 kb)
INTO members are directed from 6 January 2017 until further notice, to withdraw co-operation from the Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI).
Bulletin 6: INTO Members Vote For Strike (pdf, 194 kb)
Resounding Mandate Delivered

A Possible Form of Words for Schools in Response to a Partial Inspection Report

INTO advises the following as a possible form of words for schools in response to a partial Inspection Report:

“We at ******** School, are disappointed at the tone and tenor of the Education and Training Inspectorate’s Inspection Report concerning our school. The ETI are well aware that the teachers at the school are following the advice of their professional associations and trade unions in respect of lawful industrial action, that being non co-operation with ETI.

We understand the statutory duty of ETI under Article 102 of the Education and Libraries (NI) Order 1986 to monitor, inspect and report. Whilst the ETI correctly reported, in respect of the ******** areas of focussed inspection, that “due to the non-participation of the Principal and teachers in the inspection process no key findings can be reported”, we are disappointed that the ETI did not report the same in regard to safeguarding.

It would appear that ETI have drawn a conclusion on safeguarding without being able to inspect the arrangements in place. This appears to be mendacious and aimed at raising undue concern with parents and the wider community. We regret that the unnecessary and aggravating form of words in respect to the safeguarding part of the inspection is designed to stimulate concern.

We are confident that, when the industrial action ends, the school will be able to demonstrate more than adequately that ******** School is a safe, welcoming and nurturing environment for all pupils.”

Letter to Schools re: ETI and Industrial Action (pdf, 137 kb)
26 April 2017
Letter to Schools re: ETI and Industrial Action (pdf, 137 kb)
9 May 2017