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Circulars 1997

Circular 50/97 (pdf, 45 kb)
Supply Scheme
Circular 40/97 (doc, 46 kb)
Assaults on Teachers/School Employees
Circular 37/97 (doc, 34 kb)
Extra Personal Vacation Rule 58 Of The Rules For National Schools
Extra Personal Vacation Rule 58 Of The Rules For National Schools - See more at:
Circular 32/97 (doc, 53 kb)
Scheme of Job Sharing in Primary Schools for the 1997/98 School Year
Circular 31/97 (doc, 33 kb)
Implementation of pay elements of the PCW deal
Circular 22/97 (doc, 136 kb)
Maternity Leave, Health and Safety Leave
Circular 20/97 (doc, 38 kb)
Adoptive Leave
Circular 12/97 (doc, 30 kb)
Teacher Exchange Scheme
Circular 04/97 (doc, 25 kb)
Amendment to Rule 64 of the Rules for National Schools


The following circulars are currently unavailable in electronic format from the Department of Education and Skills:

49/97 Implementation of Revised In-School Management Structures in Primary School - Phase II
45/97 Pilot Project on Modern Languages in National Schools
42/97 New Provisions Governing BOMs of National Schools
41/97 1978 Commemoration - Design a Banner Competition
39/97 Early Retirement Scheme for Teachers 1997
25/97 Implementation of Early Retirement Provisions for Primary and Post-Primary Teachers
14/97 School Books for Needy Pupils Grant Scheme
11/97 Scheme of Capitation Grants Towards Operating Costs of National Schools
10/97 Staffing Allocations for Primary Schools 1997/1998
09/97 Sport for All Day 1997
07/97 Special Leave Under the Terms of Rule 116
06/97 Revised In-School Management Structures