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Circulars 1998

Circular 51/98 (pdf, 18 kb)
Weight of School Bags
Circular 45/98 (doc, 32 kb)
Children's Allowance for National Teachers
Circular 40/98 (doc, 35 kb)
Arrangements for the payment of holiday pay to short term temporary qualified and temporary unqualified primary school teachers


The following circulars are currently unavailable in electronic format from the Department of Education and Skills:

61/98 Pilot Project for Irish-Canadian Teacher Exchange Programme
53/98 Early Retirement Scheme for Teachers, Retirement at the end of the 1998/1999 School Year
Scheme for Allocation of a Budget of £1,000 per Annum to Teachers for Course and Examination Fees
44/98 Revised Substitute Teacher Salary Claim Form
39/98 Posts of Responsibility and Special Education Posts
35/98 Extra Personal Vacation (EPV) for ICT Summer Courses
33/98 Staffing Arrangements for National Schools for 1998/1999
32/98 Appointments to Acting Posts of Responsibility
29/98 Referendum 1998 - Essay Competition
19/98 New Provisions Governing the Employment of Teachers in Special Schools and Special Classes Attached to Ordinary National Schools
16/98 Scheme of Capitation Grants Towards the Operating Costs of National Schools
15/98 School Books for Needy Pupils Grant Scheme
12/98 Information Regarding Career Breaks, Temporary Teacher Exchange Arrangements
10/98 Arrangements for Reckonability for Superannuation Purposes of Certain Teaching Service
09/98 Early Retirement Scheme for Teachers
01/98 Special Leave Under the Terms of Rule 116