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Circulars 1999

Circular PBU 37/99 (doc, 32 kb)
Asbestos Survey
Circular 27/99 (doc, 35 kb)
Acting Posts of Responsibility
Circular 26/99 (doc, 35 kb)
Job Sharing - Implementation of European Court of Justice Rulings
Circular 21/99 (doc, 25 kb)
Primary School Class Sizes
Circular 18/99 (pdf, 191 kb)
School Development Planning at Primary Level
Circular 15/99 (doc, 36 kb)
Developing School Criteria For The School Year 1999/2000
Circular SpEd 09/99 (doc, 62 kb)
Applications for special classes for children with disabilities
Circular SpEd 08/99 (pdf, 170 kb)
Applications for the services of a full or part-time resource teacher to assist a school in providing education to meet the needs and abilities of children with disabilities
Circular 04/99 (doc, 39 kb)
Information regarding: Career Breaks, Temporary Teacher Exchange Arrangements, Leave for Overseas /Voluntary/ Mission Leave, Job Sharing Arrangements
Circular 01/99 (doc, 45 kb)
Parental Leave


The following circulars are currently unavailable in electronic format from the Department of Education and Skills:


36/99 Early Retirement for Teachers
35/99 Payment of a Grant to all Primary Schools as Part of a National Reading Initiative
34/99 Pilot Project for Irish-Canadian Teacher Exchange Programme
33/99 1999 Teacher Fee Refund Scheme
29/99 Grants Towards the Purchase of Equipment and Materials for the Teaching of Science in National Schools
28/99 Grants Towards the Purchase of Equipment and Materials for Infant Classes in National Schools
14/99 School Books for Needy Pupils Grant Scheme
12/99 National Programme of Training in Remedial Education for Teachers of First and Second Level Pupils
11/99 Millenium Day
10/99 Scheme of Capitation Grants Towards Operating Costs of National Schools
07/99 Applications for Posts of Resource Teacher for Children of the Traveller Community
05/99 Staffing Arrangements for the School Year 1999/2000
03/99 Study Leave/Rule 116